Sunday, February 7, 2010

Okanagan Greens A Conduit For Local Food

Okanagan Greens A Conduit For Local Food

Okanagan Greens hosted this weekend their Conduit Festival.  It was a celebration of live music, local farms, art, emerging artists and all things Okanagan.There were over 100 local poets, musicians, crafters and artists contributing.  Story tellers from En’Owkin shared ancient stories of the land and generations past.
Okanagan Greens’ Conduit Festival Event 2010
Conduit is all about the Global Green Movement. It is a Zero Waste all Organic and Local faire, self-sufficiency Festival that dealt with the issue of Climate change with proactive creative solutions from the Okanagan community. It is for everyone to be inspired and involved in our societal evolution, understanding and wellbeing.

The 5th Annual Organic Okanagan Festival will be held at Summerhill Pyramid Winery September 26th, 2010.
For  more Information please go to:  Okanagan Greens

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