Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sydney Sunshine And Hunter Valley Wineries

Australian Wine Regions

by Susie Edwardson

(guest contributing writer)

Is there anything better than guaranteed sunshine and countless rows of vineyards laid out before you, all just waiting for their unique, lovingly produced wines to be tasted? With its next door neighbour New Zealand often more commonly being regarded as the champion of wine produce Australia has only in recent years become more renowned for wine making. Sydney's culture of having a focus on the celebration of food and wine, and with Hunter Valley region being a short drive away this region has certainly provided stiff competition for New Zealand.

Hunter Valley Australia

Hunter Valley Wine Region

Hunter Valley has played a pivotal role in the success of wine production for Australia, and according to this region is accountable for the multi-billion dollar a year industry. It's no surprise really when you take into account the idyllic setting of these wineries where a relaxing day walking through the vineyards is a holiday in itself. According to Drayton Wineries, they were one of the first to set up in this area, changing from farming grain to vineyards in the late 1850s. This region is most certainly well known for its full-bodied, fresh white wines, and medium-weight reds. The fact of the matter, though, is that with any tour around this fabulous area you are guaranteed to find the perfect wine for you. Even if you are not the biggest lover of wine in the world, with the variety on offer here, you will be hard pushed to go home without a new favourite tipple. What better place to enjoy this than under the Australian sun, with some of the most laid-back locals in the world?

Sydney's Love of Food and Wine

Perhaps one of the main reasons for the continued success of Hunter Valley wines is because of Sydney's attitude towards dining out, food and wine. As is the case with many metropolitan cities, Sydney opens new and quirky restaurants week on week, with the majority serving wine from the local region to complement decadent dishes. TimeOut Sydney states that wine bars have been popping up all over Sydney of late, which is no doubt as a result to its close proximity with Hunter Valley and the world-renowned wines and ports of which are produced here. The Sydney Morning Herald fortifies the notion that Sydney is a great lover of food, stating that 40,000 festival-goers just last month took to Sydney Cellar Door, a food and wine festival set up in Sydney's Hyde Park. This is a city that loves all that is focused around food and wine, making it the perfect tourist destination for anyone with a similar passion.

Travelling Australia

The availability here of unique wines is no doubt a great tourist attraction, and it's not only the Hunter Valley region in Australia which provides such a great experience for wine lovers. It's definitely also worth checking out Swan Valley near Perth, which also has beautiful chocolate manufacturers in the same area, as well as lavender farms. Any wine tour of Australia must also surely include The Adelaide Hills, considering Adelaide often claims to be the wine capital of Australia due to the sheer volume of wine regions surrounding the Southern city. To really get the most of the wine and food available, travel must be on the cards—JetStar state that as a result of their value focused flights people are able to travel around the whole of Australia more easily and frequently. With such a diverse country it most certainly is worth making the trip to visit a variety of cities here, as they are most definitely all have their own wonderful quirks. According to Greyhound Australia five million people travel over thirty-eight million kilometres a year with them. A great way to see it all and really soak up the different taste of Australia, though, is to go on a specific food and wine cruise—Iglu Cruise state that this is the ideal way to really get on board with local food traditions and dining etiquette whist also allowing you to experience all the variety and diversity of international wines and cuisines.

Australia has so much to offer as a country with a real love for laid-back vacations, exquisite food and delicious varieties of wine, creating a driving force behind the need to travel around it. Coming back to Sydney and Hunter Valley, though, here is where you'll find the perfect celebration of wine and food, making this the top destination on any trip to Australia

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