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Episode 15 Paris GOOD food + wine

For this Episode of Paris GOOD food + wine we'll be starting right out of the gate with a tribute to Paris Fashion Week. Paris Fashion Week takes place twice a year, in October and March, with March seeming to offer Big, Splashy, Well-attended shows.

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And what goes better together with French fashion than French champagne?!


Champagne Collet is a champagne house located in a small village just at the foot of the Montagne de Reims region of Champagne, France.

For this show we'll be talking to Antrim Duncan about Champagne Collet's Esprit Couture label. As part of the house's export and marketing division, she'll explain to us how there's more to Esprit Couture than just a label and how haute couture and Champagne Collet have much in common.

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Next up you'll get to walk with Pastry Chef Christian Boudard as I accompany him through their brand new kitchens. Christian Boudard is the pastry chef for Guy Savoy at their sparkling new digs, the prestigious Monnaie de Paris.



This is three-Michelin starred chef Guy Savoy's newest home in Paris and where the space allowed for them to build out breathtaking kitchens that include a whole section devoted just to the making of their signature Brioche.

In my recent 10BEST review of their new brioche bakery/boutique located a stone's throw from the new restaurant, I mentioned that,.. "until you've tasted a Guy Savoy brioche, you haven't tasted a brioche."

Chef Boudard, head of the pastry division here for a dozen or more years now, explains to us the innerworkings of how they achieve this masterful culinary feat.

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And, our final feature for today's show is all about the BBQ, Texas BBQ that is. With several of my family members having recently moved to Texas, it seems all I hear about these days is Texas-style bbq. So, when I heard about this young MBA's start-up devoted to Texas BBQ here in Paris, I just had to find out more. She'll be dishing up the goods for us here, Southern Style.

So stay tuned for another tasty episode of Paris GOOD food + wine.

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Champagne Collet details:

If you'd like to find out more about Champagne Collet, you can contact the house directly at ChampagneCollet, that's C O L L E T, dot com. They offer visits during the week and on weekends to their Cite du Champagne. That's a cultural center in Champagne that walks you through a museum about the history and development of this famous wine and also includes a cellar visit. Your outing concludes with a champagne tasting.

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Gout de Brioche details:

Even if you aren't budgeting for a 3-Michelin starred lunch or dinner this week, you can still enjoy a whole gobful of goodness by stopping by the brioche bakery, the Gout de Brioche, which is located on the picturesque rue Mazarine at numero 54, right in the heart of St. Germain. The sweet-flavored brioche make wonderful beakfast, brunch and afternoon snacks while the savory brioche are delicious appetizers for lunch or dinner.

And thank you for the English Voice Over by Olivier Chao

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Music: Alain Souchon, Rive Gauche:

Bonus Material:  Come on a walking tour with us through the Bird and Flower Market in the heart of Paris, on Ile de la Cité (Click on Image below to Play Video)

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