Monday, December 19, 2016

Treats For Fido & Fifi All Natural And Healthy

by Paige Donner

Of course the holiday season brings lists of gifts. And top on those lists to be found are often the family pet! : )

Made In Pet is a made in the South of France pet treat that is all-natural and healthy for your pets but still delicious for them, too. They are the first artisanal pet patissier and, mais oui, they are French!

Doggy treats come in flavors of:  chicken, smoked salmon, lamb

Kitty treats come in the flavors above plus: banana/vanilla; green apple/vanilla; and strawberry/vanilla.

All ingredients such as the meat stock, oatmeal and oat flour, natural honey and fruits are all locally soruced in Sud de France, within a 20km range of the producer. (no added sugar or salt, of course)

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